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I started my path to bodybuilding and fitness this year! I'm absolutely loving it and wish everyone would do it! Being new to the bodybuilding world can be quite confusing though! Of course everyone knows the basic eat healthy, get your butt in the gym and lift weights but there's a lot more to it than that! How much protein? How many carbs? How often do I eat? What workouts are right for my body? What supplements are vital to my growth and goals and which ones am I just my time and money on? Thankfully I was introduced to Craig! His vast knowledge and advise has helped me out immensely! He has been able to answer every question I have, form amazing workout and diet plans for me, give insight on things I never would have thought of and most importantly corrected the things that I have been doing wrong and that have actually been HINDERING my growth!! I would recommend any friend to Craig! He's totally worth it! Thanks so much Craig for all of your help!!!

Laura Broadwater
Austin Texas

Thanks Craig for the workouts!!! But more so thanks for helping me on the transition from a runner lifestyle to a well rounded fit athlete. Kudos for the nutrition plan. I love it. Very small price to pay for what trainers charge. To all out there....Craig has great knowledge in training , nutrition and bodybuilding. Give him a shot!!!! you won't be disappointed!!!!

Gil Gonzalez
San Antonio Texas

Craig's knowledge of the complete sport of Bodybuilding (nutrition, training, competition and mental prep) is an incredible asset to any athlete looking to take their body to the next level. I have followed Craig's posts and reviewed the scientific literature and his information is always spot on and current to research in the area. This will save you as an athlete time and money (staying away from sups that simply don't work) and allow you to focus on what is important.

Garry MacDonald
Saskatoon, Canada

I have been into and out of fitness over the past 15 or so years and one thing that has always been a sticking point for me has been the supplements. As a longtime subscriber to many different types of fitness magazines, I would just be left bits and pieces of information on different supplements. I would know the names and what they are used for (Creatine, Glutamine, Citrulline, Arginine, BCAA's, etc...) but never understood the quantities I should be taking and more importantly when I should be taking them.

Since I have met Craig Newman and other people within his network, I have been able to sort through all the information and figure out how it applies to me and my body type. He has been a great help over the past 4 months.

Thank you Craig...

Mike Bryant
Chicago, Illinois

I highly recommend Meals by Craig Newman. Working as a full time nurse and being a full time mom, I find it extremely convenient to have healthy meals prepared for me. Not only are the meals delicious, they are also packed with the energy and nutrition my body needs for my workouts!

Thanks Craig!

Nancy Sanchez
San Antonio, TX

I started working out in August and I am really starting to see some... progress lately. I can really tell that I've gotten stronger, which is a big deal because I've had my difficulties because of my arthritis. So I am feeling pretty good right now. Also- just within the week and a half since I've started training with you and using your meal plan I feel much better, and look better, already. So- all of that to say thank you for taking me seriously and giving me encouragement and advice over the past few months. I appreciate it and it's made a difference.

April Scott Young
Murfreesboro, TN

Love this sight! So informative and helps keep me focused on my short term and long term goals! Craig Newman Is an excellent teacher and trainer! I've learned so much in the relatively short time that I've known him. His work is great and he helps keep me on top of my game!

Faith Stephens
Houston, TX